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Create a complete school schedule in a matter of minutes


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Creating a complete school schedule can be pretty complicated, especially when you're dealing with many classes, tons of different teachers, or even one class that's divided into different material.

aSc TimeTables is a program that offers you the chance to easily and quickly create schedules with classes and teachers, including weekly hour limits to assign to each teacher. There is coverage for all kinds of special distributions, like adding various teachers to the same class.

The program can run individual configuration of classes and teachers, alerting you if it can assign a math class at a certain hour, or if a certain teacher is available on Tuesday mornings, for example.

After you've entered your information, TimeTables generates a complete schedule in just a few minutes. It will proportion classes through the whole week, controlling full and divided lessons and putting classes in the classrooms where they belong.

TimeTables can also verify the schedule's instructions and will help you to avoid standard errors by allowing you to make manual changes, but alerting you if you make a mistake.

The program, which thinks of everything, also adds 'aSc Substitutions' so you can be prepared to resolve those everyday problems related with managing substitutions, generating monthly and annual absence reports, and managing substitutes according to the type of substitution.

An unregistered version works as a trial version of the program.